"Tire manufacturing industry,
Hwa Shin Special Textile Filter will come together."


    Liner is used to transport or to store rubber sheet for it to move in each manufacturing process

    * Each filter bag can be made up to customer’s requirement.


To store and to move rubber sheet

  • Advantages of Hwa Shin Liner product
    01 No contaminating rubber sheet
    02 Easy roll and unroll without deformation of rubber
    03 Excellent dimensional stability
    04 Very strong edges by welding
    05 Excellently conserving the freshness of rubber
    06 Excellently Keeping the original tack of rubber

    50 years manufacturing experience

  • Product line Material Yarn type
    PE series Polyethylene film yarn woven liners Flat
    PET series Polyester multifilament woven liners Round
    PP series Polypropylene multifilament woven liners Flat or round
    Hybrid series PE+PP, PET+PP, PP+PET heterogeneous material liners Flat or round
    PU series Polyurethane coated liner Round
    PE film Polyethylene embossed film liners

    Tire structure

  • Product line

    Component Liner product code #
    Tread SP#1, PE500, PP+PET, PE+PET
    Sidewall SP#2, PE500, PP+PET, PE+PET
    Inner PP#1, PE300, PET250
    Body PP#1, PE300, PET250
    Steel calender PP#1, PE300, PET250
    Fabric calender PP#1, PE300, PET250
    ply PP#1, PE300, PET250
    Carcass PP#1, PE300, PET250
    Belt PP#1, PE500, PE300

    Possible application to tire manufacturing
    PCR Passenger Car Tire
    TBR Truck & Bus Tire
    AG Agricultural Tire
    MC Motor Cycle Tire
    LTR Light Truck Tire
    OTR Off The Road Tire
    ID Industrial Tire
    AC Air Craft Tire